How to make a flow map

Consider using Flowmap City, the new product we are building. It supports data uploads to a secure data storage, offers more analytics capabilities, improved scalability, an SQL query editor, and more coming.

To visualize and publish a data set as a flow map you need to have a Google account. Sign up here if you don't.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the template spreadsheet
  2. Make a copy of it (find “File” / “Make a copy…” in the menu)
  3. Add data to the new spreadsheet. Read more…
  4. Click the “Share” button, then change the selection from “Restricted” to “Anyone with the link” in the drop-down under “Get link”. Read more…
  5. Copy the link to your spreadsheet and paste it here:
If you are not comfortable uploading your data to Google Sheets, consider using our In-browser flow map or load CSV files from any specific URLs as described here.


These tools might help you preparing and visualizing your data:

  • Geocoding tool

    Can help you finding the geographic coordinates for locations if you only have their names in your dataset.

  • OD-matrix converter

    Use it when your movement counts are represented as an OD-matrix.

  • In-browser flow map

    With this tool you can visualize OD-data directly in your browser without having to upload the data to Google Sheets.

Need help?

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